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Thread Contributor: Xiaolong_LiWhen you are not selected By H-1B, ready this...
I was in the same boat as you a couple of years ago. So I know exactly how you feel.

I had graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and had been working on OPT for almost a year. Then there came the lottery and I was not selected. All hopes were gone.

I had been living in the U.S for eight years at that point and I would hate to abandon all I had established (friends, career, life quality, love for burritos) here and pack my ass back to China. I was frustrated with the lottery system. I hated that my future was going to be determined by a completely random draw of names.

But then I realized, I still had options. I could still pursue an advanced degree; I still had another shot at the lottery next year; I might even meet a nice girl and be married soon. So after a couple of weeks of frustration, I started living again. I was living the following year like it was going to be my last year in this country. I applied to a graduate program in CS, continued working with my attorney to get ready for another lottery, and I started running. I trained pretty hard for a couple of half and full marathons, and did well in those races. I distracted myself from the self-pity and the fear of losing everything because well, I’ve done my best.

I lost almost 30 pounds after all the running I did. Then came next March, I was accepted into the graduate program. In April, I was selected in the H1B lottery. In September, I met a nice girl who is now my wife.
Keep your head up and start living your life. Before you know it good things might have already happened.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart


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