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Thread Contributor: adminWhat is it like being a millionaire?
Being a millionaire is not like it used to be anyone with a few property investments will be one. I am a poor one ..I have a net worth of about £2m and income of £100k. Life is comfortable I travel 200,000 miles a year, mixture of work and lots of pleasure . I still work for myself part time but choose the work I want to do and don’t have stress any more ..all the pain in the butt people are gone from my life . I live between homes in 3 countries. Personal life is difficult I have no true male friends and a few true female friends. Love and affection is difficult to find and at times I feel like I am just a bank manager and taxi service for my family who are selfish and do very little for me and only call me when they need something.. I don’t waste money and am looking always for the best deals on everything I buy. For expensive luxury items like watches and cars I buy quality items but second hand. I feel that by being careful I can live stress free for the rest of my life and I have time to live a healthy lifestyle. I get the most pleasure from doing simple things in life like watching soccer matches and visiting new places. I still enjoy living a basic life and very rarely book a top hotel unless the price is a bargain. I am also very comfortable with myself and don’t need to try to impress anyone.. I never buy designer labels unless they are on sale and I look after everything I own. I still occasionally sell things on eBay. I have many hobbies and love collecting things. I prefer to cook at home rather than meals out .. but when I cook at home my table is full of solid silver items and is dressed nicer than any restaurant so the occasion always feels special. What would make life better for me? A good woman who is financially independent, intelligent, caring, calm affectionate and who likes to travel and enjoy exploring new experiences or a new exciting project that allows me to continue travelling. Having money gives you more options in life, however my happiest times have been when I had just a little money and was building up a business.

Everyday is the 1st day of your life!
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