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Thread Contributor: admin7 Tips for Being a Successful Student
Successful students behave in college as if they were professionals doing a professional job. Papers are done neatly and turned in by deadlines. Instructors and students are treated with respect. Professionals are rarely absent or tardy. When they are absent, they call in. When absent or tardy, they submit excuses and take responsibility for what they have missed. They do not have to be told to catch up. Professionals never ask if they have missed anything important. They are professional enough to know they have.
Successful students attend class. Observation and research show that students who attend class do better then those who don't attend.
Successful students are organized. Make and use a semester calendar clearly indicating deadlines for papers, tests, lab work, and other important dates. Make and stick to a weekly schedule for yourself that builds in all important activities, including class time, work time, study time, and relaxation time.
Successful students read the material before class. This gives you a good idea of what the lecture is going to be about and allows you to organize your in-class note taking.
Successful students take good notes and review them. Try to outline the lecture, not take down every word said. Review your notes as soon after class as possible.
Successful students prepare for exams. Try to study in the same place on a regular basis. Take breaks, usually a short break every 20 minutes or so. The nightly study, a good night's sleep the night before an exam, and relaxing instead of cramming at the last minute should help minimize test anxiety.
Successful students seek help when needed!  Your instructor and lab assistants/tutors are available to assist you any with questions and/or problems you may have.  Taking advantage of this assistance can help you be much more successful!
Everyday is the 1st day of your life!
So make it beautiful!
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